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About Us
The MergeWare, Inc. team is comprised of highly skilled individuals focused on client satisfaction. The extensive knowledge within the team allows for specialized expertise, no matter what the project needs may require.

  • Our team also has extensive experience in application and web development. By utilizing industry standard development tool sets, we customize applications/websites to your specifications, focusing on workflow and efficiency.
  • Growing and supporting MergeWare software product line, such as MergeWare TIFA (Truck Insurance Form Automation), MergeWare CRM (Client Relationship Management), MergeWare CMS (Contract Management System), and other solutions for specialty applications.

MergeWare, Inc. team would like to partner with your organization in driving your initiatives, strategies, and operations based projects. We’ll work hand in hand in planning, implementing, and cross-training with your existing team, or as a turn-key solution.

MergeWare, Inc. is a subsidiary software development and marketing company of J&J Technology Consulting, Inc.