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"Talk about time savings? I recently had to remarket an account after just renewing a few months ago. I was able to go back into my Quick Quote company application and update it with current equipment, values and drivers and sent it off to the company. It took me about 10 minutes to review and update, email to the company. The conversation with insured took place about 3:00 pm, emailed to the company about 3:15 pm and I had the quote the next morning. Now that is a time saver!"

Judy Riddle - Southwest Truck Insurance Group - www.swtruckins.com
I would recommend your agency partnering with MergeWare TIFA and J&J Consulting only if you want to save time and save money. This is a fantastic product that we had tailored to our specific application and needs. The Excel format is extremely user friendly and making changes or updating your applications is simple. Our CSRs love the program and it has been one of the best improvements our agency has made in quite a while.

Chris Huneycutt - Transure Services - www.transure.com
"Your MergeWare program allows us to be much more efficient in the marketing of our commercial accounts. The Quick Quote form populates several insurance carrier applications from a single application allowing our agents and marketing department to spend less time filling out applications to shop for bids and more time to focus on bringing in new business to the agency.

Your support staff is also very prompt in getting back to us on the changes we have requested to our applications."

Shawn M. Sullivan, CIC - Truck Writers, Inc. - www.truckwriters.com
"Our agency recently took advantage of the MergeWare program offered by J & J Technology Consulting Inc with tremendous results. This system allows our agents to easily complete applications for our various carriers in a clear format and gives everyone more time to prospect clients and bring in new business.

For a high volume agency, this is an excellent tool that takes full advantage of emerging computer technology. We would highly recommend MergeWare to any insurance agency that wants to save time and bring in more new business."

Jonathan Wood - Network Truck Insurance Services Inc - www.truckerinsurance.com
"Working with Melanie Browning is a joy, because she is very responsive and will get the job done right for you. Their TIFA program has been a great aspect to our office in getting submissions out promptly and correctly the first time. Also making corrections to the applications is an ease."

Mike Nguyen - Marketing Associate - J.D. Tanner & Associates - www.jdtannerinsurance.com
"The TIFA software saves us time and money when marketing our truck insurance. It has automated and streamlined the quoting process so we can be as efficient as possible in writing new business and remarketing renewals. Working with Melanie at J&J has been an absolute pleasure! She is extremely responsive to our needs and handles every request in a timely manner. J&J and the TIFA software have been great assets to our agency and we would recommend them to any agency looking to be more productive and efficient."

Scott Senise - Vice President - The Empire Company - www.empire-co.com